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Monday, June 06, 2005

… but here it's bulk wholesale!

Spring suggested we become members of Costco, a wholesale warehouse grocery store type place were not only do you pay wholesale prices, but you buy in bulk.

And when I say bulk, I'm not talking about 10 pound pags of sugar either—more like 25 to 50 pound bags.

I can't even begin to find words to describe my reaction to Costco. Whereas food shopping at Wal★Mart was shocking on the price, at Costco, where I realized the prices would be cheaper (per unit price, not per package price—cans of Coke went for a bit under 25¢ per can) but I wasn't prepared for the sheer amount you end up buying (sure, you can get cans of Coke for a bit under 25¢ but you end up buying 32 cans at a time). The smallest box of Ritz crackers was huge—turns out it contained four regular boxes of crackers.

Eggs? Two dozen.

Cheese? Six pound blocks of the stuff.

Tuna? Three (or was it four?) pound cans.

TVs? 72″ HDTV units down isle 8 (and you think I'm kidding).

Just … wah! (Oh! Look at that! A five gallon bucket of hamburger pickles)

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