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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Casa New Jersey

Before going to work, we stopped by Casa New Jersey so I could take pictures of the “empty” house (it wasn't completely empty—the previous owners left a few “things” behind, where “things” can be read as “stuff we now classify as garbage”).

[Casa New Jersey] [Casa New Jersey from behind] [The Jersey Landscape] [The Jersey Landscape II] [Look closely—WASPS!]

Most of the junk left behind was upstairs in the Kids' Room, although The Kids were more than happy to keep it.

Too bad. It's junk. And what wasn't junk (like the large pieces of plywood used to cover the windows during a hurricane) is too useful to let them have at it.

[The Living Room] [The Dining Room] [The Kitchen] [The Bedroom] [The Master Bedroom] [The Kids' Room—pre-junked]

One of the more dangerous items found was a rusty machete in a stand of bamboo at the far corner of the lot, which I jokingly called our own little slice of Southeast Asia.

[The Hallway] [Our own little slice of Southeast Asia] [The Backdoor]

And in the Master Bedroom, the previous owners were kind enough to leave a painting for us.

How nice.

[A Lovely Parting Gift—I personally would have preferred a gift certificate]

The next few days will be spent cleaning up the remaining “stuff” and the actual move will happen next week.

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