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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Various types of bugs

For the past week or so, we've been fighting a loosing battle with a flea invasion fleet—given the three cats we have, it's no wonder. So today was the day we dropped “The Bomb.”

Or rather, two large bug bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy (one upstairs, one downstairs), guarenteed to remove our flat six legged blood suckers.

In order to pass the time while Fat Man and Little Boy did their work, we went to the Spy Café (which happens to be a McDonalds and a spy museum). Amazingly enough they have an actual Enigma Machine on display, along with plenty of movie posters and in each booth, a small TV screen showing spy related movies.

[A clandestine rendevous] [The Soviets installed this in the US embassy … guess what was inside?] [If produced so secretly, then how are we seeing it?] [An Office of Strategic Services film] [An Enigma] [A Cold War “Spy Radio”—picture taken on the run] [Parts diagram of an Enigma]

It just seems so strange that a museum would be in a fast food restaurant.

Upon returning home, Fat Man and Little Boy did their number on the flea population as well as the Palmetto Bug population—clustered around the door we found a number of former Palmetto Bug Gang members upsidedown, legs spastically twitching. Now all that remains is a mop-up operation on any fleas and Palmetto bugs that may have survived.

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