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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mozart was a Red

CARSON (quickly): That's all right. That doesn't matter. Your taste reveals your musical premises.

KEITH (puzzled): Oh? Well, I like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, the standard …


CARSON: Keith, how could you? I, who know the depth of depravity to which most men sink, even I have to ask myself, how can they? Beethoven, Mozart, who reek of naturalism, whose whole work tramples on values, whose every note displays the malevolent universe premise.

KEITH (stunned): Malev … ?

CARSON: Oh, Keith, can't you see the hatred of life in every bar of their music?

Via the Mises Economics Blog, Mozart was a Red

I do like a good satire.

About a decade ago I read Atlas Shrugged because a friend of mine became enamored with her works and I wanted to understand what exactly happened to him (it was an okay book but could have seriously been edited). But the more I read about Ayn Rand and Objectivism, the more silly it became (and like any good religion, it split—into the Peikoffian and Kelleyist camps—and I am not making that up).

And what's with Ayn Rand's lucky gold watch?

Anyway, the one act play Mozart was a Red is quite the amusing read, especially if you know Ayn Rand and Objectivist history.

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