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Saturday, January 15, 2005

And even in the hills, I can't escape

Never did figure out why the Dansie Shopping Cart doesn't like our server.

C called today (during dinner in fact) asking if I had gotten anywhere with it. After yesterday I didn't care to get anywhere close to a computer (in fact, dinner consisted of Thai curry, whereas everybody else went with the squid eyeball sushi—sigh) but once home from dinner, I started looking into the problem a bit more.

After a few hours, I called Blech tech support to figure out why the simple perl-based CGI script wouldn't work.

After a few more hours, I found out some things:

  1. CGI scripts have to be owned by the account owner and group, not by root or any other user. I was unaware that Blech used the suexec option of Apache—an option I've never used before.
  2. The Blech tech support call center is not in India, but in Russia, some twelve hours away.
  3. Neither I nor the Russian tech support could get the Dansie Shopping Cart to run under Bleck. I suspect that it runs under an older version of perl and/or an older version of Apache.

Guess that means the customer will have to switch shopping carts.


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