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Friday, January 14, 2005


I do not handle stress well.

Wednesday was bad.

Yesterday wasn't that bad, but I fell asleep almost immediately upon coming home, and still managed to get up late.

Today is bad.

As if osCommerce wasn't bad enough (that site … how can anybody use that site? It's the most horribly designed site I've come across) I now get to debug the Dansie Shopping Cart.


Only 102 warnings when run with /usr/bin/perl -w (and since perl spits out those warnings when the script runs, it confuses Apache).

Running it without the warnings option gives me:

": No such file or directory

I also like this bit:

 # May not be used without purchasing a license. Do not attempt to run this
 # script on a site other than which it was licensed for.
 # Modification of this script other than:
 # 1. Adjusting the perl path in the first line above.
 # 2. Or setting the $vars variable below.
 # May void your right to technical support and subject you to legal action.

And the customer is upset because she paid for this and she doesn't understand it worked on four other servers and why can't I fix it and … and … and … and …

According to this, I can't debug their 4,000 line script (technically, it was one line; all the formatting had been removed to protect the guilty) without subjecting her to possible legal liability and voiding her warrentee.

The conversation went downhill from there.

The upshot: the customer doesn't care—she wants it working.

So I get the job of debugging some wonderful perl code.

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