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Sunday, January 09, 2005

More Server Madness

This site contains information relating to the development of Linux kernel-based virtual servers running on a single piece of hardware. This particular virtual server model is implemented through a combination of “security contexts”, segmented routing, chroot, extended quotas and some other standard tools.


Mark sent me that link, saying it could help with some of the control panel madness around here and even allow C to sell a virtual server for the more advanced customers (instead of a dedicated host) I don't think it will really solve the problems I have with the control panels.

I don't want to use the control panels.

But our customers do.

Generally, C only uses Insipid for his control panels, and it's not like the customers are clamoring to use other ones like Blech or BadmintonInsipid works well enough for them (and if they are advanced enough to want something else, they're advanced enough for a dedicated server).

“Project White Elephant” is the anomaly here, running both Blech and Badminton. It's running Blech because you can get support up the wazoo, and Badminton only because the other admin working on the project can't configure DNS using the command line (okay, there's also the issue that Blech comes with Bind 9x, and there's a feature we need that's only available for Bind 8x but that's another rant).

Using a virtual server won't really fix that problem.

It's a nice idea though (and yes, I will keep this link in mind for the future).

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