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Thursday, Debtember 02, 2004

anger hate rage

Blood pressure rising.

During the hack attacks, I lost my CVS repository (through my own stupidity). I didn't loose the source code, since I hade the latest version here. But my CVS repository was on swift, emphasis on “was.” So I had to start over again.

Only I apparently didn't do it right, and now I'm in the not-so-envious position of having two CVS repositories that can't be reconciled with each other, or with the current copies of my source code. The only resort I have left is to delete every XXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX repository I have and start over from scratch.

anger hate rage

So now I have to find the CVS book to figure out how to re-create my repository. Only I can't find it.

anger hate rage

It is impossible to find anything here at the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere. And it's been that way ever since day one.

I'm lost in my own home. Nothing stays where I put it. It vanishes. Gone. And then there are the piles of stuff that build up everywhere. It makes for finding stuff even more difficult.

I never had this problem back in Condo Conner. Sure, piles of stuff would accumulate there too, but nothing migrated. It was all my stuff. I didn't have to contend with other people's stuff.

So I'm now down to literally throwing stuff off the desk and across the Computer Room, swearing up a storm because of all this stuff that's accumulated on the desk over the past few months.

anger hate rage

The book ends up in a stack of books on the other side of the room, only it's so slim it wasn't visible.

This is not exactly how I wanted to spend the evening.

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