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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

The past week I've been sitting around not doing much other than fighting a cold and dreading the upcoming days. First the weekend (which is, for the most part, over) because of Halloween; kids hyped up on sugar and all that entails, and the oohs and ahhs of November 2nd turning to running and screaming on the 3rd and wondering what the October Surprise would be, and when it would be.

Imagine my surprise when it was Osama bin Laden throwing his endorsement to Kerry, and without the usual Islamic apocalyptic rhetoric he usually uses. And here I thought Bush would have announced his capture, not have him endorsing Kerry.

I've stopped looking at the polls—they change way too often and when the difference between the candidates is below the margin of error, then what's the point? Especially when the error margin can swing upto 100 electoral votes one way or the other.

Stop! Stop the polling! Stop! Stop. Stop hurting America. Just say, “We won't know until Nov. 3rd.” Heck, we don't really need to know until 12:01 pm, January 20th but enough of politics … it's also the day before National Novel Writing Month and sadly once again, I shall attempt a novel. Who knows, maybe one year I'll actually finish one.

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