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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Boring trip pictures

One of Hoade's life long dreams has been to make a movie. But in the time he's been here in Tuscaloosa, he's become quite the star in the local indimovie scene, being in three films so far, Blut und Feldt, a German expressionistic film about Muppets gone bad, where Hoade played a detective gone bad; The Tool, a film about a man (played by Hoade) who may or may not have a guardian angel studying his every move, and a third film whose name escapes me, but Hoade plays a skinhead with a thing for guns. By far the best is Blut and Feldt.

He also showed me his wife's organizational skill in the freezer:

[Vanna White will be played by Sean Hoade] [Neatly organized frozen vegetable matter]

After lunch at a local diner, we visited a cigar shop where Hoade found a rather amusing towelette, indicitive of the area:

[Wash Away Your Sins] [Right your wrongs with a wipe]

We then visited the local collage he currently attends and teaches at:

[Sign of the times?] [Clark Hall, Part I] [Clark Hall, Part II] [A sense of history] [A typical student dormatory] [Denny Chimes I] [Denny Chimes II] [More sense of history]

After looking around a bit, we hit the library. Hoade had to look for a book for his wife, and we checked out a digital video camera.

Yes, a digital video camera. Any student here can check out a video camera and then use the computers (all Macs) to edit the resulting video.

[Yea, but FAU's library is FIVE stories!] [Okay, no nude women on FAU's library] [Or Fabio] [Yea, FAU's library sucks compared to this]

Later on in the evening we went out to dinner. Coming back to the car, someone had socked his attenna. Well, socked and ragged it really. Very wierd.

[Usually this doesn't happen until September] [There's no way I'm washing this!]

Back at Casa del Hoade, we talked and played around with the digital video camera, having fun with the night vision mode.

Yea, we're easily amused.

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