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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Another Sean Conner, in Florida, chasing ghosts …

In Sept. of the year 1999 Dr. Sean Conner, Jonathan D. Russell, Crow, Bryan Malone, and Angela Dubois officially formed the Jax Fl, Ghostbusters. The mission statement at the time was: ‘To relentlessly investigate alleged paranormal activity and psychic phenomena.’ Although not widely known in the Jacksonville area and wondering if we would be taken seriously 2 months went by when we received our first few cases. From that day on we have provided investigation services on a free-of-charge basis. Also during our first year we devised our unique Spectral Classifications System, began the use of previously un-used/un-tried methods and tools of investigation, and jumped on the new technological advancements in this field.

About the Jax FL, Ghostbusters

And eleven months later:

Hello. This is Agent Conner. My partner, Agent Johnsen and I are assigned to the Paranormal Investigation Foundation.

The PI Foundation.

Our mission: to investigate reported hauntings in the northern part of Florida and make a determination as to their validity.

Ghosthunting through North Florida

Quite freaky, having two Sean Conner's running through North Florida looking for ghosts (although Kurt and I didn't find any—bummer!).

I found the link via a search of “Sean Conner” at Gigablast, a new search engine boasting some 286,000,000 pages indexed at the time of this writing (and I got the link to Gigablast from Kim Burchett). And I'm not sure what I make of the site, other than Dr. Sean Conner is well … I don't know. Crank?

What I do know is that I'll be trying Gigablast for vanity searches, just to see what wierd stuff turns up …

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