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Thursday, April 08, 2004

An unexpected visit

We were expecting Marcus later this week—Saturday to be exact. His friend Kat is attending a wedding a wedding in Key West this weekend and due to some misfortune, she couldn't fly (they're both from Texas). So she convinced Marcus to drive to Key West for the wedding, if only to drop off a kitten that Marcus has been threatening to send our way for the past few months (you see, he found himself with four kittens and wanted them to go to good homes, and Spring has been wanting a kitten for some time and … )

We were not expecting him to show up today.

At least we got several hours notice.

He and Kat arrived around 8:30 pm, and something fuzzy was released into the house, causing Spodie to growl and sulk about. I suppose it was the kitten (not quite a kitten anymore) but I've yet to see the thing so who knows.

After shooting the breeze for a bit, Marcus and Kat mentioned they were a little peckish (“Hey Napalm! We're XXXXXXX starving here! Where can we eat?”) Spring and I started mentioning restaurants, but nothing grabbed their attention as much as Brewzzi, a microbrewery in Boca Raton (“Steak? Beer? Hell yes!”).

Much beer (mostly Marcus) was consumed, and much food (in larger-than-Texan sized portions). Topics of conversation ran from Tejano music, to horrible bar jokes to how kids can sleep anywhere (the Older fell asleep on several chairs next to our table).

After dinner, Marcus and Kat drove on to Miami to meet with friends there, where they would then drive to Key West the following day. Spodie is still sulking around the house, and I think we have another cat around here somewhere.

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