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Thursday, March 04, 2004

No need for satire anymore

Turns out one Thorkild Grosboel, pastor of Taarbaek, a town of 51,000 just north of Copenhagen, said in a recent interview that “there is no heavenly God, there is no eternal life, there is no resurrection.” According to the Times, this “mystified” church leaders, and Grosboels bishop responded by suspending him.

For a week.

Thats right. A Lutheran pastor announced a personal theology that denied the existence of God, resurrection, and eternal life and the response of the church was a one-week suspension.

Wow. Talk about turning the other cheek. Thats some serious tolerance of dissent. If Pope Leo X had been that forgiving toward Martin Luther, we wouldnt have Lutherans.

Via 0xDECAFBAD, A Criminal Waste of Space

Nietzche saying God was dead is one thing. But for a Lutheran minister? And not be kicked out or otherwise excommunicated?

The Onion should give up satire and just report the news. Next think you know, there'll be Christian porn and … oh … um … darn!

But the “Christian” whoremongers have taken it to a step beyond, way beyond the empty promises of the fallen-angel wannabes whom they parade across our TV screens on the “Christian” channels. And by that I mean the God-fearin' faction that has moved into the lucrative business of making pornographic films and carved out a whole new genre: Christian porn.

Via metaphorge ,Christian Porn Sucks!

What next? A mainstream snuff film? Um … erm … um … yea.

I think I'll stop here …

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