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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Haven't I seen this before?

The typical American worker felt under pressure. Wages were dropping faster than prices. Foreigners were arriving to take jobs from “real Americans”. The price of new technology components fell relentlessly, prompting waves of mergers. Cheap goods flooded the market.

Serious people feared the collapse …

I do wish that history was taught better. I really do. The above quote? Sounds like it could be talking about today, right? But it does have that “we're talking about past events” vibe to it. And no wonder, since the author is talking not about our current economic condition, but that of 1900.

Which is why, oddly enough, I don't have an overwhelming sense of dread about what's happening in the US right now, since this is basically a reply of the early 1900s. An Imperial President in bed with corporate interests invading soverign countries and presiding over a recovering economy.

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