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Go figure.

Sunday, Debtember 14, 2003

… it's the butterfly's fault …

Event One:

A butterfly—possibly a cabbage white, or similar variety—spreads itself across a leaf in New York's Central Park. It stretches lazily in the warm sunshine and contentedly flaps its wings. This motion generates a small current of air, barely perceptible, but sufficient enough to divert the course of an airborne spore. The spore lands beside a pathway and begins to germinate.…

Event Twelve:

Passing through Indian airspace, the captain of a Korean airliner is astounded to see four million penguins wearing rocket packs approaching him, directly on his flight path. The penguins are equally surprised and swerve abruptly to miss the plane. Unfortunately, they fly smack into Mount Everest, knocking the top off. The shock wave travels around the world, triggering earthquakes in—amongst other places—California, Japan and China.

Via Crypto-Gram, Butterfly

A rather tounge-in-cheek example of the Butterfly Effect.

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