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Friday, Debtember 12, 2003

I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

Spring wanted to do some holiday shopping at this local dollar store and I tagged along.

Oh my!

What a bizarre store! What a fun store!

Where else can you get a cheap plastic lightup Jesus on a stand? Or Black Love Incense™ (with a loving black couple in an embrace on the cover)? Or any number of plastic gyrating singing Santas that are motion sensitive? Or tacky Florida keychains? Or walking sticks? Generic action figures? Or porcelain kitties with these demonic psychotic eyes?

This was more fun that the time some friends and I set off all the bouncing Tiggers at the local Wal★Mart a few years ago …

Shaping in Magic Filed

Spring received a complimentary set of Yu Gi Oh cards from the local dollar store; The Kids have bought plenty a pack of Yu Gi Oh cards from that store and the owner was apparently in a generous mood, giving out small gifts to all the patrons.

[A speeial call for named card like (Grave) monster card] [Select one freld magic card from card pile] [For obtaining your opponent's control right, each time]

I was flipping through the cards I remarked to Spring how many of the titles sounded like Chinese dishes (“I'll have the Flying Mantis with the Thousand hand Buddha, she'll have the Suemike Small Bird and the Endless Dragon with Blue Eyes. For dessert, we'll have the Monster Tempting in Dark Sleep.”) but what I found very amusing was the high quotient of Engrish to be on the card found please to nose.

Or something like that.

Let's see, we have the “Travel by Pass-by Car” card, the “Grave Assassinccte” card and the “Timing Capsule” card. Then there's the “Arriving Ceremony” card:

A speeial call for named card like (Grave) monster card, which does not uuder limit of Royal Sleep place.

Now granted, I don't know the rules to Yu Gi Oh, and I realize that reading the descriptions of cards on games I don't know tend to be incomprehensible, but “speeial call?” No wonder The Younger is having trouble spelling. But it gets better. How about the “Grabbing” card:

For obtaining your opponent's control right, each time at preparing stage, obtain the life force by 1000 points.

I would hope that it would be clearer if the rules were understood, but then there's the text on my favorite card, the “Shaping in Magic Filed:”

Select one freld magic card from card pile into cards on hand.

There's just something appealing about selecting one freld magic card.


What a froody word.

Although I am concerned that twenty years from now I'll have to learn Engrish just to talk to the younger generation …

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