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Wednesday, Debtember 10, 2003

You daily Zen moment

As you may have gathered from yesterday's entries I wasn't having a great day. I had gone to bed thinking the Server From Hell was okay and I could concentrate on other things, but alas, I was waken up early to a dead server that needed to be up now and can we please move all the sites over to the backup server now and trying to fix things on a keyboard that is less than perfect (perfection in keyboards thy name is IBM PS/2) and the sheer idiocy of RedHat and all this before I even had caffeine set the tone for the rest of the day.

Eventually I was able to straighten out the UID mess, get all the services from the Server From Hell onto the backup server and switch everything over (this about 1:30 am or so). And everything seems to be running fine (once I figured out how to increase the number of open file descriptors on the backup server to accomodate the large number of open files).

Hopefully now I'll have the peace and quiet to concentrate on other things.



Well, the backup server is certainly doing a wonderful job of backing up as I haven't heard one complaint at all, which means I got all the sites moved over and configured without a problem (thankfully!).

And not terribly surprising but the Server From Hell is still running, although now its work load is significantly reduced.

I was still pretty much out of it today, as well as the harddrive in my laptop which crashed pretty hard last night. I'm hoping that giving the laptop a significant rest will let it run long enough to get a current backup of data off the system.

Heh. Keyboard still works.

Off to bed.

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