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Thursday, Debtember 04, 2003

Digital Camera Focus Technician

Subject: Technician Digital Cemeras
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 11:23:45 EST

Dear Sean:

Hi I am an executive recruiter who needs to find qualified Digital Camera Repair Technicians for a leading firm in NY. They would relocate the appropriate candidate if need be. Please contact me if you or anyone you know have any interest. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU FOR MY SERVICE.

All replies will be held in strict confidence. I will speak with you soon.

Best wishes,

Jim Chrystal, James Chrystal Enterprises

(631) XXX-XXXX

Heh. I'm guessing Jim Chrystal did a search for digital camera technician and got my bit about refocusing a digital camera (as of the day this was posted, the number one result is Jim Chrystal's ad for a digital camera technician, and the number two result is my page). I hate to disapoint Jim there, but I'm not exactly a digital camera technician—heck, I'm even surprised they can be repaired, unless the job in question is “Yup, it's broke,” then tossing it away.

But if any digital camera technitians happen to read this, Jim would love to talk to you.

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