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Thursday, November 27, 2003

No turkeys where harmed in the making of this post

Spring doesn't like turkey. I could care less about turkey. So for this Thanksgiving feast we skipped out on the turkey and instead had ham.

The package said it would take approximately 15 minutes per pound, and with a 6.48 pound turkey, i was figuring about two hours cooking time. The cookbook which gave the recipe for the glaze (½ cup crushed pineapple, 3/4 cup brown sugar) said to apply the glaze and cloves (I was surprised to find they looked like little spikes) about half an hour or so before the ham finished baking.

15 minutes per pound my XXX!

Try half an hour per pound.

Either that, or the oven controls are waaaay off.

That glaze cooked for over an hour—nearly two. The ham came out of the oven with this thick black coat of pineapple sugary goodness, but despite looking like a horrible burn victim, it was quite delicious as was the rest of the food.

Our guests included Michelle, who made a cauliflower casserole (quite delicious despite the cauliflower (which Spring doesn't care for) and cream cheese (which i don't care for)), pumpkin pie and two types of homemade ice cream (strawberry and French chocolate) and Kires, who helped consume the mass quantities of food.

All in all, a nice quiet Thanksgiving with some good friends and great food.

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