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Sunday, November 16, 2003

The scam of scamming scammers

Dear six Committee members
Father Charles Chaplin
Father Jack Off
Father Buster Gonad
Father Chris Mas
Father Chik Inpox
Father Bogg Standard

My name is Reverend Octuobi Tokunbo I would like to thank the Committee for your generous donation to help me wank over the widows of Nigeria. These children of God swallow it all with the best of them, and I am filled with Please for each day they gaze upon my gonads, and I am proud to have them go down unto me without hesitation. The good widows of Nigeria are always thankful for a big load. I am blessed that God was sent me the good fortune to have received the help of six good and true people. I quote from the Church of Bread and Wine scripture number 4, chap 1, line 9: “Blessed is the man that vows to help his fellow man, for he will indeed give his fellow man all that he deserves”

Committee members, I hope that you will allow me to open my cheeks to accept your engorged parts, and my humble thanks are passed unto you for allowing me to be part of your totally fabricated ministry. I am thankful and aware of its nonexistence. Amen with thanks

Rev Oduobi Tokunboh

Letter from a Nigerian scammer offering thanks

I came across 419 Eater on Slashdot and I must say, the site is very amusing, a site dedicated to scamming the Nigerian scammers. The letter above was only the latest in an attempt to get money (the other obstacles put in front of the Nigerian scammer required a picture of him with a loaf of bread on his head pretending to drink a bottle of wine).

A few weeks ago I had the idea of playing with the Nigerian scammers. The idea was to talk to two different scammers, say Barrister Leke Omobude and and Ken Green Kabila, son of former the President of Congo-Kinshasha, and claim to be Ken Kabila to Leke Omobude and Leke Omobude to Ken Kabila with the cover story (the same to each) of being the son of US emigrants from Nigeria. Then over the course of time, get them to meet each other at the Nigerian airport (or more likely, an attempt of each to kidnap the other).

But I might want to see if that hasn't already been done yet …

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