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Thursday, October 09, 2003

So, where are the hard core Linux user groups?

Mark called me up asking if I wanted to head over to the local Linux users group. A chance to get out of the house?

It's been a few years since I last went, and in that time I had forgotten exactly why I normally don't attend these meetings. So, heck yea, let's go!

The directions we had lead us south and west, deep into Broward County to Nova Southeastern University which surprised us by being located in a strip mall.

It's not everyday you find a university in a strip mall.

We walked in, found a group of men standing around chugging Coke and Code Red; we knew we found the right location. After milling about for several minutes we filed into a large room; PCs lining the long tables running across the room. Mark and I each staked out a computer (running Windows, of course).

Then the presentation.

It was during the presentation that I remembered why I no longer go to these things. The presentation was more basic than I would have liked and the whole meeting was more geared towards more novice users of Linux. For me, there isn't much of an insentive to drive the distance to attend a basic class in using Linux for <insert topic du jour.>

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