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Monday, September 08, 2003

Skipping the whole senior bit …

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (AP)—Of all the ways attempted to free up space in Florida's crowded classrooms, this one could be a dream come true for high schoolers in a hurry: a diploma without a senior year.

Supporters of a law granting a high school diploma in just three years said it will help curb crowding in Florida's schools. Critics fear it will deprive early graduates of extracurricular activities and senior year milestones.

Via squeaky19, Law lets students forgo senior year

Figures something like this would come along after I graduated from high school. A law that allows one to skip their senior year? I would have loved the ability to skip my senior year of high school.

The requirements are four credits of English (a “doubling up” as it's called in the article) and two years of a foreign language. Well ‥ gee … I took four credits of English and two years of a foreign language, which was required when I was in school (have standards fallen that much in the fifteen years since I've been in school?).

And yes, I walked ten miles into the wind (who am I kidding? There are no hills here in Lower Sheol), both ways, in molten asphalt up to my ankles.

Needless to say, it's hot down here.

Although, to tell the truth, my senior year wasn't all that bad. I only had four classes (out of seven possible)—the hours I didn't have class I was hanging out in the AV room with the other kids who skipped class to hang out there (yes, Geeks Gone Bad!), but still, given the option, I probably would have skipped my senior year entirely.

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