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Monday, May 12, 2003

He could have at least spelled “Hussein” correctly …

From: Nassery Hosein <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 02:55:13 +0200


Dear Sir,

You may be surprise to receive this letter from me,as a result of hearing from for the very first. . The purpose of my mail is that I am MR NASSERY HOSEIN , the first son of PRESIDENT SADDAM HOSEIN,born from another woman which is the third wife of my father.

I am writing from a near by country which i don't want to disclose it now for security reasons, where I am currently based as political asylum seeker. Before my father was force out from office by bush and blair , he deposit the sum of (US$35.5M) thirty-five million, five hundred thousand United States Dollars only, in a private Security and Finance Company. May be he for-saw the looming danger of bush and blair ? This money was paid cash to the company on my name to the Security Company …

Oh my was that funny.

Help! I can't breath!

Okay … okay … I think I'm slowly recovering …

Unlike the George Bush Nigerian scam parody letter, I think this one is legit.

Well, legit as in “someone is attempting to actually scam me by being the son of Saddam Hussein” and not “this form of money laudering is perfectly legal.”

Return of the Duracells

That's because the brains in that vat aren't really speaking our language. What they are speaking, he said, is “vat-English,” because by “a tree” they don't mean a tree; they mean, roughly, a tree image. Presumably, by “Monica Bellucci” they mean “the image of Monica Bellucci in ‘Maléna,’” rather than the image of Monica Bellucci in “Matrix Reloaded,” brains-in-vats having taste and large DVD collections.

Via Ceejbot, The Unreal Thing: What's wrong with the Matrix?

I found the original The Matrix to be a decent film overall; the first half has a great set-up (which I can watch over and over again) but once Neo wakes up having taken the red pill, I tend to loose interest. I actually think Cypher had the right idea in that film (really, compared to conditions outside the Matrix, Neo didn't have that bad of a life inside the Matrix). Sure, the special effects were industry changing (like Star Wars; another okay film that people went ga-ga over) but over all the story was fairly old hat to readers of Philip K. Dick.

And the review here of Matrix Reloaded isn't kind. It's fun to read, but the reviewer didn't like the film much at all.

And that has me worried …

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