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Monday, April 21, 2003

It is, after all, a Monday

Today began with the realization that Holly the Incontinent Dog (which sounds like a show on the Cartoon Network) was missing; either some random person opened the gate by mistake, or one of the local cats (perhaps even Spodie the Emotionally Need Cat) perhaps pushed the latch open when jumping down from the fence (and I wouldn't put it past Spodie—he doesn't really care much for Holly). Then around noon the school called to say that the Younger was running a fever and needed to come home. And around 2:30 pm the Older show up forgetting that he was supposed to go to after-school care. And then later it transpired that the Older had neglected to inform Spring of a detention he earned last week (to be served sometime this week).

It was a type of day that Monday's are famous for.

(and it turned out that Holly was found early this morning—in the late afternoon a woman walking her dog came knocking on the door asking us if we lost a dog. I then went and picked up Holly the Incontinent Dog from her house).

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