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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Simple amusements III

So, reguardless if you live in the United States or live in Europe today is 03/03/03, as Spring pointed out to me today.


Well, it would have more impact if I actually posted this on the correct day ...

To tell the truth, I had no idea it was the fourth, much less the third ...

Yea … I guess my site is about Florida … kinda …

From: <>
To: Sean <>
Subject: I have seen your website.
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 10:49:18 -0500

I see you have a Florida Related Website. We have some websites that your visitors might find helpful, useful and perhaps can Save them some money. We do offer reciprocal links on these websites please view the Link to us pages.

Some spam from <>

At least this one is marginally targetted towards me, and isn't offering to increase some part of my anatomy or wanting me to participate in extracting millions of dollars from some African nation. Yes, my site is related to Florida in as much that I live in Florida and anything I mention about Florida usually isn't all that positive.

Now, I was sent four links to various Florida coupon sites, and seeing how I'm desperate for any diversions lately, I decided to visit one or two of the sites and see how bad they might be. Typical of such sites:

Florida Dining Coupons FREE. Florida Dining Guide with FREE R (p2 of 4)

Link to Us
Suggested FL Links

[Choose a Florida City]
    Find a Restaurant Here

[24.jpg] [welcome.jpg]

to the web's most comprehensive source for Florida Dining Discounts. You will find Restaurants that represent the absolute best quality and value across the State of Florida.

Select a City Location from the list above …

Florida Dining Coupons FREE.

Oh, did I mention I was using Lynx? Isnt' it lovely? And while I can select a city, there isn't an associated SUBMIT button to send the information. This also fails on Mozilla.

But I suspect it works flawlessly in that other browser, the one made by Microsoft.

Florida Dining Coupons welcomes you to link to us and to submit your site to us to be featured with our other recommended Florida web sites. The only qualification is that your site must be Florida related or be a service that could benefit our members. Submission of your link does not guarantee it will appear on our list of sites. Copy our HTML code.

Florida Dining Coupons: Please Link To Us

The HTML is your typical version 4 browser code with obligatory <FONT> tags with Microsoft specific fonts. But I submitted this entry to the form; let's see how they respond …

Descent into Hell

It was not a good day today.

First, Mark shutdown sendmail on tower because of a small bug that was recently found. The patches to sendmail only cover versions back to 8.9.3.

I was running 8.8.7.

And it's not like it was an easy patch to look at and apply to the version running.

No, that would be too easy.

So I'm looking at either sendmail 8.12.8 or finally installing Postfix, which Mark and Kelly use and swear by. I only stuck with sendmail because I generally dislike changing software if I can avoid doing so (I like when computers run themselves smoothly).

I also don't handle stress that well, and email for me (well, me, Spring, Mark and about half a dozen other people) is critical. A fundamental right. Something that I (and the others mentioned) can't do without. So I needed to get back online. And that's bad enough.

Throw in two kids who were just a tad too loud; I ended up fleeing the area.

In talking it over, Spring decided to take the kids on a few errands, which included getting the dog a dog house since it seems less skittish when outside (the less I talk about the dog, the better). During the time they were away, the dog managed to escape from the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere.

That's all I needed.

Did I mention that I don't handle stress well?

Much wailing and knashing of teeth later, the dog it back, postfix is running (remember: if you include virtual hosting, make sure the virtual hosting file actually exists) and the kids are (supposedly) asleep.

And to think, it's only been four days.

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