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Wednesday, January 29, 2003


I've had my eye on that state for a while: it seems that whenever constitutional evil is being perpetrated in this country, Florida is mixed up in the mess, and never in a good way.

Florida and the Death of Justice

I feel like I'm in an episode of Connections.

It starts with Spring, looking on the Internet to buy a box of blank white cards—the type she used in language class years ago. She comes across 1000 Blank White Cards, a game created in Boston (Cambridge, but close enough), named after a box of 1000 blank white cards (used by language students, like Spring, to make flash cards) and inspired by Nomic (a game where, like law, you can change the rules). She checks the site out, and finds a link to The Boston Diaries, which has nothing to do with Boston except the name. The author of The Boston Diaries then starts searching for more information on 1000 Blank White Cards and comes across the Seattle Electric Grimmeldeck, which is possibly named after James Grimmelmann, who obviously plays the game and has written an article about Constitutional Law and Florida—Florida being the state where both Spring and the author of The Boston Diaries live.

Where's James Burke when you need him?

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