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Monday, January 27, 2003

A distrubing trend

Rob knocked on the bathroom door. “Sean! Spring cut her hand!

“What?” I said. The door had muffled Rob.

“Spring cut her hand!”

“Okay, I'll be out in a second.” I finished up with the business at hand, then grabbed the gauze bandages and hydrogen peroxide. I couldn't find the medical tape that I knew I had somewhere, so I ran downstairs with the supplies I had.

“Spring cut her hand on the futon,” said Rob. Spring, barly standing, was bent over the kitchen sink, holding her right hand under a stream of water. Rob had expressed interest in a futon and earlier today Spring found one while shopping and bought it. Then later she and Rob went back to the store (since Rob has a vehicle large enough to transport it) to pick it up, and while attempting to carry it into the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere it closed on her hand, slicing her middle finger. Rob ripped open some of the gauze bandages while I went back upstairs to find the medical tape.

“I couldn't find any,” I said a few minutes later.

“Well, grab any type of tape. Duct tape, electrical tape. Anything,” said Rob. I located the tape box in the kitchen and pulled out a roll of electrical tape. “Perfect,” said Rob. I pulled off a long piece of it and handed it to him. “This may hurt,” he said and started wrapping it around the bandages applied to Spring's hand. We then drove to the Emergency Room.

This is the third time in four months I've been to the emergency room (for Rob in September and then Gregory in December). Prior to September I think I've been to the emergency room twice in my life (that I can recall).

This is not a good trend.

They took Spring in immedately and rebandged her hand. Then it was about an hour before they were able to fully examine the wound. An X-ray (nothing broken, no cut tendons), four stitches and a prescription later she was released. She should be find by next week when the stitches come out.

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