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Tuesday, Debtember 31, 2002

Notes on a book found in the emergency room at 12:07 am

While waiting in the emergency room to hear news of Gregory, JeffK pointed out a book sitting on a near by table. “Why don't you read about Queen Victoria?” he said.

“Is that what that book is about?” I reached over to pick up the book. It has obviously been abandoned in the emergency room and had been sitting there for some time. No one else was near the book. “It looks pretty old,” I said.

“When was it written?” asked Mark.

I flipped to the copyright page. “It was printed in 1971,” I said.

“Wow, that's older than I am,” said Jeff.

“But that's not when it was originally written.”

“When was that?”

“1965.” I flipped through the first few pages. Just past the Table of Contents was a list of illustrations that appeared in the book. “Hey, pictures!” I then started flipping through the book and stopped dead. “Now this is odd,” I said.

“What is it?”

“It's an ad,” I said, holding it to where Mark and JeffK could see it.

“I've never heard of ads in books before,” said Mark.

“Neither have I,” I said.

It was wierd. Four ads appear in the book. The first for Club Cocktails, the “ready to drink real cocktails. Hardstuff.” 25–48 Proof no less! The second ad—Kotex Kotique™. “Truly effective—but ever so gentle.” Third ad is a classic—you're soaking in it. Yup, there is Madge, telling the incredulous customer that yes, “Palmolive softens hands while you do dishes.” And last but not least, Sanka® Decaffeinated Coffee, just in case you couldn't stay awake reading the book.

Kotex and Kotique are registered trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Sanka is a registered trademark of General Foods.

Club Cocktails.  They go where you go. Come discover the Kotex Kotique Madge!  A dishwashing liquid to soften hands? Sanka Decaffeinated Coffee

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