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Sunday, Debtember 15, 2002

Is turn about fair play?

Really … I wonder just how illegal it is to scam a scam artist? I mean, if I report the income to the IRS it shouldn't be a problem, right?

From: Sean “Captain Napalm” Conner <>
To: usman g <>
Subject: Re: help me
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 06:42:54 -0500


It is with mixed sentiments that I write to lodge this pressing situation to you. Actually it took me time before writing you because of the importance of the huge confidence herein. However, the recommendations made about you by a very good friend of my father who is working with the Export Promotion Council of mali is sufficient for any trust. I hereby wish to introduce my humble self.

I am USMAN GWARZO, eldest son of Alhaji Ismaila Gwarzo, the former security advisor to the Nigerian late Head of state, General SANI ABACHA, who passed on in June 1998.

currently the incumbent government of General Olusegun Obasanjo is freezing all foreign accounts suspected to be misappropriated government fund. And this has culminated in freezing my fathers foreign accounts.

Unfortunately, the trial may be extended to the family as advised by my fathers legal counsel if the utterances by the Director of Publicity to the Federal Government CHIEF DOYIN OKUPE is anything to go by. Invariably, this affects me as my father lodged the sum of US48.2M in my account in October 29, 2000. as a result of this development. I have taken measures to protect and secure the fund. So on the 5th of November, 2001, I converted the whole amount in $100 bill and immediately lodged it into a Security house to avoid detection with the help of some high rated officials for ultimate movement into foreign beneficiary account. All machinery has been put into place for this money.

Now I recourse to you for assistance to shield this fund in your account until this trying period is over. I have the approval of my incarcerated father to offer you a trust instrument of 25% of the total amount for your assistance after the deal is over.

I request that you apply degree of confidentiality to this humble plea for help with all seriousness, as it demands.

Please contact me at once by reply fax through my fax 234 8037236567 and state your private telephone and fax number.

NOTE: The deal is 100% risk free.


Best regards,
My Email

Someone working for the Export Promotion Council of Mali recommended me? Yea, I know the guy.


No wonder he recommended me for this—he figures that I'll just forgive him the $500,000 (United States Dollars) he owes me if he does me this favor.


Tell that fat bastard I want my damn money and I won't deal with him, nor his friends or family until I am repaid IN FULL!

Got that?

US$500,000 in full. Until then, I will not deal with anyone he recommends.

No offence to you.

Best regards,

Update later today ...

Turns out Mr. Usman Gwarzo is over his email quota and can't receive any more emails.


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