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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Music of the dead

But then, Tupac Shakur's Better Dayz, released later this month, is no ordinary album. It is the 16th Tupac release since the gangsta rapper's murder in September 1996.

Sixteen albums in six years would be a prodigious feat for an artist who was still breathing, particularly when you bear in mind that many of them are double CD sets. For a dead artist who released only four albums during his lifetime, it smacks of macabre exploitation, not to mention an ever-dipping quality control.

Via Robot Wisdom, Albums from the crypt

Tupac is certainly in the running to be the L. Ron Hubbard of the hip-hop set. Sixteen albums? That's good.

So let's see—to make it in the music industry, record lots of music. It doesn't have to be good, just there. Release an album or two and lead a very exciting or controversial life (preferably both) then fake your own death. Cut the proceeds 50/50 with the record industry and live the rest of your life in style.

I think it could work.

“Honey, play as long as you like … ”

A bit early for Valentines but this would also do well for a Christmas gift for that gamer girl in your life. It's … um … well … a multimedia game that extends … um … yea …

Let me just say the link is borderline work safe … and the game in question is definitely meant for home use …


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