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Sunday, September 01, 2002

The more illucid corner of the web is a great way to kill time. A site with links to cranks, crackpots, kooks and loons on the net, and it even ranks them, from fringe to ILLUCID (“something so beyond understanding that it defies classification,” according to the description) and they don't get more illucid than Gene Ray:

Time Cube empowers wisdom above all gods and educators. I am the wisest human of all, for I have absolute proof of 4 simultaneous 24 hour days in a single rotation of the Earth. God is 1-day, Science is 1 day. My 4 days disproves 1 day god and evil lying 1-day educators. Students are dumb and stupid for ignorance of Time Cube. Cubeless word allows the evil to rule and the liars to teach. You've ignored the Time Cube and you shall suffer its curse, as did all the past civilizations. Prepare for a hell you created.

The rant goes on and on, repeating itself without really explaining much; it's only at the bottom of the page where there are some links that explain what Gene claims to have found, which seems to be four “days” per rotation of the Earth. Given one person standing on Greenwich, one person standing at 90°E, another at 90°W and one on the International Date Line (at 180°); each experiences a day (of 24 hours) apparantly separate from each other.

I can kind of see what he's getting at, but then according to that logic, why not 24 “days” per rotation (one per hour of the day)? Or 86,400 (number of seconds in a day)?

Wacked stuff there.

The section on tax evasion is quite interesting. In reading up on the supposed theory of non-payment of income tax, I got curious as to what the actual laws stated, and a quick search for USC Title 26 revealed that the entire United States Code is online.

I just wish the USC online made more use of hypertext than it does, as that would make following (as in understanding) the law easier.

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