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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Now and future features

In talking the subject over with Rob and some email exchanges with Aaron Swartz I've decided that even though I'm a bit relunctant I've decided to go ahead to include the entry bodies in my RSS feed.

As Aaron said:

But it's OK for their browser to reformat it as they see fit? What if my aggregator is my browser.

He has a point. And if Marcus, who spent over a month working on his site design is okay with his RSS feed …

It wasn't that much work to add the full descriptions (although I did have to add some code to make sure that the entries contained abosolute URLs but nothing difficult).

Now, adding comments to my journal/blog on the other hand …

At first, it was one person asking for comments. After awhile there was someone else. Now I have a whole gaggle of people clamouring for me to add comments.


It's not like it's difficult or anything; I just don't know how I want to integrate them with the rest of this site. This whole site is an experiment where each entry has a unique URL—and one that isn't tied to a portion of a page (I dislike having to use the fragment portion of the URL to specify a document fragment—why else would I go through the trouble of writing a bunch of code to handle portions of documents?). So I would like to treat comments the same way I treat entries here, but I'm unsure of the best way to go about doing that.

And even if I figure out a way, do I always display the comments? Have a link to read the comments? Not quite cut and dry.

Still pondering …

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