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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

For Sale

I've called. Left messages. Sent pictures. But I have yet to actually get in touch with the couple who expressed interest in buying Condo Conner as is. I'm guessing they aren't interested, or the contact information I have isn't correct.

So I'm meeting with a realtor today at Condo Conner. When I get there, I meet up with my upstairs neighbor whom I thought had already sold his place (for the same reason I'm selling mine—Condo Commandos got to him too) and I asked him about this.

He had, although he didn't get what he wanted for the place (3/2, upstairs, which in this case means vaulted ceilings, lake view) and he showed the place to twenty-nine (29!) people before selling it. He also had problems with the Condo Commandos approving the seller and he even went to one of the meetings and called them to task (“What gives you the right to control my finances?”); it wasn't pretty.

This bodes not well.

After waiting a few minutes, I saw a well dressed woman carrying what looked to be file folders walking past the apartment. I figured this was Ms. Koecher, the realtor agent I was meeting and went out to meet her.

It was.

Over the next hour and a half we toured Condo Conner and talked about what I was trying to achieve. Me? I'm trying to get the place sold and I don't mind selling it “as is.” Going over a printout of recent condos sold in the area, it seemed that most have actually sold in two weeks (one sold in eight days) and the cheapest (a 2/2) went for just a bit under $100,000; she felt I could easily get my target price. She also has a handyman that can come in and finish up the work needed.

Leaving, I felt much better about the situation.

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