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Monday, June 03, 2002

A little touched

A brain-damaged hippie has decided to devote all his time and money into pitching a surreal cartoon/live-action musical/Hollywood blockbuster about the powers of peace and love. He has a convoluted plot that involves love babies and sperm and magical lovemaking and the KKK and Vietnam and death and birth and it's all done in this heavily marketable style that is so fucking insane you will never want to go near acid ever again.

HIGHLIGHT: He goes off on a tangent about a new chain of organic vegetarian restaurants called Peace and Love that will stem from the success of the movie and will compete with McDonald's.


I'm not so sure about these touching people, but I will say that the videos on this page are of people that are seriously touched. The funniest I found was the Martin Carlton Stunt Special, where he seriously attempts to leap from the top of one pine tree to another pine tree maybe 50, 100 feet away. He doesn't quite make it. The saddest (or pathetic, depending on how you view it) is of Orson Wells selling champagne near the end of his life (can you say “pissed drunk?”).

Then there's the CEO of Winnebago attempting to make a commercial but comes off more like an extra in a Scarface (oddly enough, Spring and I had a conversation about swearing last night; mainly about how little I do and why. I said that I grew up being taught that swearing was bad and that the adults in my life actually did very little swearing. And if used too much, the words loose their power and when something really bad happens you could be rendered speechless; not having any words powerful enough to express the emotion. Spring said that she had, in fact, found herself speechless on a few occasions—the swear words not being powerful enough for her to express what she was feeling).

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