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Monday, June 03, 2002

For Sale: One Holy Land

You want to talk about buying and selling land? You tell me that land which I bought years ago is so valuable to the kids of the old tenants they're willing to send their children out to blow themselves up to get it back, Ill tell you what we have here are what the real-estate trade calls motivated buyers.

What, have the Israelis forgotten how to be Jews? Sell them the god-forsaken land back at a hefty profit, jacking up the price because of all the improvements. If they dont have cash, make them sign sixty-year mortgages, and appoint the Swiss Guards as the collection agents for the loans. Take the profits and retire to Palm Springs.


The Unholy Lands by J. Neil Schulman

It's either that, or possibly have the UN take control of the Holy Land, or just Jerusalem, since it's apparent that Jews, Muslims and some Christians want it to themselves and can't share, so let's make so that none of them own it and have to answer to some other higher authority, since YHWH (aka God aka Allah) certainly isn't taking charge here.

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