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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Vans in black, a bank, the State of Virginia and too much imagination

I drove by the bank to hit the ATM and when I parked, I noticed something very strange. In the next row of parking were three vans, two SUVs, a BMW and a utility trailer. In and of itself, that's not so strange. Strange was the fact they were all jet black. Stranger, the licence plates were all from Virginia and scariest of all—the license plates were sequential! They all started with SCSI and ended with a four digit number.

Six vehicles, across class, identical. Jet black. Sequential license plates from Virginia.

I quickly scanned the skies for any black helicopters, and not seeing any, made my way towards the ATM, where I saw yet another black BMW, Virginia license plates, in sequence with the others. I also saw a black Saturn, again from Virginia.

Totally spooked, I quickly made my withdrawl and headed back towards my car. It was then I noticed yet another oddity …

Most of the cars in the parking lot were from Virginia.

Now granted, Florida is a well known tourist destination spot for people from around the United States—heck, I've seen the license plates from every state except Hawaii. But never, in my twenty-two years down here have I seen a parking lot filled with cars from the same state!

Well, a state other than Florida that is.

I got in my car, and peeled out of the parking lot. On the other side of the utility trailer, I saw a name: Specialty Computers And Systems, Inc.

From Virginia.

Cabling? Tech Support?

Yea. Right. I believe you.

This might be bigger than the whole white vans conspiracy …

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