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Saturday, March 16, 2002

A virtual film festival

Via Wil Weaton Dot Net, Spring found the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival and we spent an enjoyable few hours watching the various films and voting for them (and of course, we had to suck up to Wil Wheaton and vote his the highest). Of the ones we did see, the ones I liked the best were:

The Good Things The entry that Wil Wheaton stars in. A poingant tail of a toll booth worker trying to find meaning and direction in his life on the day his ex-girlfriend (and it's never made real clear who dumped whom) is getting married.

The Etiquette Man The ending is weak on this one (yea, right, like that would ever happen) but watching Steve Coulter's The Etiquette Man is just gosh darn swell. Right from a 50s educational film on dating.

Indefinitely A film just as good as The Good Things. I really got into the story of a videographer who falls in love with a bride to be. My only real complaint about this one is just as I'm getting into the whole story it. End. Stop. Fini.

Wait! What about the impending marriage? Does the videographer stop the wedding? Does the bride to be drop her jerk of a fiancé? I want more!

The Parlor Talk about your sureal films. A group of people sitting in a waiting room having the wildest conversations and nobody appears to be who they say they are (a old guy claiming to be a 13 year old girl named Beth?). Spring clues in on the setup before I do, but I did manage to guess the ending.

Tower of Babble This one is high concept—two billion monkeys at two billion typewriters writing the dialog to our lives. We have three completely different stories going on, each with the same sequences of dialog. It works, and yes, the three story lines to intersect at the very end.

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