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Sunday, March 10, 2002

It ain't five stars unless it's open 24 hours

Fortunately, I awoke in time to catch my roommate Rob and friends Shane and Kim going to lunch (or dinner, depending upon your viewpoint). We ended up eating at the Boca-Glades Gourmet Diner, just up the street (well, two miles up the street) from the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere. It's easy enough to miss unless you look closely, nestled as it is just next to the Florida Turnpike exit on Glades Road and dispite the name, it isn't a diner (critieria #1: it's not open 24 hours. Bummer. Criteria #2: Rob won't eat at diners).

The inside is upscale, yet the prices are very reasonable and the food—well, it's very good. Everything (including the bread, the hummus dip, the desserts) is home made, and much to Rob's delight, they have a wonderful selection of beers and aren't afraid to serve them for breakfast (he checked—he gets off from work around 8:00 am) nor are they afraid of serving huge it in pint sized glasses either.

And the service was wonderful; we all pretty much fell in love with the waitress—cute, smart and funny. Can't beat that at all.

Down side, like I said—it's not open 24 hours. Sigh.

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