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Monday, February 18, 2002

Persnicketty cameras

Burnett, 54, now has four of these plastic beauties—and he doubtless will buy more of them. Depending on modifications, made by seemingly obsessed Holgaholics offering them on the Internet, these cameras can go for as much as—you ready for this?—$30.95. (The regular price for a pristine, virginal, light-leaking Holga, is more like fifteen bucks.)

Consider that, when the average gun of your average photojournalist—say a Nikon D1—runs close to five grand, a plastic toy that I once mistook for a squirt gun can hold its own against it.

Via Squirrel Bait, Dr. Burnett's Magic Box

For a leaky, cheap knock off Chinese camera with a plastic lens and a fixed shutter rate, the pictures running with the above article are wonderful. Makes me almost wish I had one of these cameras. Then again, I do have a rather persnicketty digital camera that is probably just as difficult to use as the Holga.

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