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Saturday, February 09, 2002

One hundred books on the shelf, one hundred books …

It's moving day.

See you later …


I answered the knock at the door expecting Kurt, who said he'd come over and help with the move (and a large truck). Instead, there was a postal carrier with a going away present from the Condo Commandos: yet another certified letter.

My expectations were reference to the unauthorized occupants living here, but no! Instead, the Vice President is insisting that we have a dog here and that if we don't get rid of it immediately, I'll be responsible for enriching the coffers of their lawyers.


I have to wonder who the Vice President thinks they saw walking a dog. The letter is (again) addressed to my Mom, who is no longer living. And as far as I know, neither me, nor Rob nor Spring own or have walked a dog recently.

Or it could be another manifestation of the passive-aggressive nature of the Condo Commandos in their seemingly ongoing campaign of harassement, if indeed that is what is going on.

Highlights of a moving experience

The move went fairly smooth. We didn't get everything out of Condo Conner (for instance, the Computer Room is still set up and functioning) but we got most of the furniture (two pieces didn't make it—a shelf unit and a large dresser that were in Rob's room) and everything left can be transported using the current vehicles we have.

Highlights of the move: the ceiling fan on the porch of Condo Conner being hit by Shane's head and almost killing Rob. Rob caught the fan and was holding it up until someone (me) got a chair and disconnected it from the electrical system. One more thing to fix up here.

Shane duck-walking the Comfy Chair (which he put on his back) into the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere.

“Did you put all those IBM manuals in here? This box is almost impossible to move!”

“Paul just picked it up and carried it out here.”

“I'm not here to think; I'm just hired muscle.”

Maneuvering the bookshelf out the Computer Room. To get it out, it needed to be on its side, only it was too tall to simply tip over on its side. So it ended up being tipped nearly on its back, then twisted to be on its side.

Fortunately, a passing time traveller opened up a doorway into a convenient wall that gave us the needed space to finish out the odd twists we needed to get the shelf out of the door.

I'm moving a matress from the master bedroom to the other bedroom and decide to use the balcony since it's a straight shot between the two rooms instead of apptempting to navigate the hallway. I start to move when the matress hits the screen. I stop. Rob, on the other side, thinks I'm having trouble and walks towards me, only to smack into the screen door himself.

Moving said bookshelf to the second floor of the Facility in the Middle of Nowhere. This time we couldn't count on a time traveller opening up a doorway on the landing in the stairs, so we found it easier to lift the unit straight up to the balcony on the second floor, and heave it over the railing and into the room.

Flipping some other, smaller bookshelves and mattresses up over the second story balcony railing and into the respective rooms.

Conversations with Kurt while riding in his truck between places. It was unnerving to learn just how easy it could be to introduce biological agents into the water supply.

Spring and I concerned that George (who is in South Florida visiting friends and family) would show up at Condo Conner and find no one there (not even the dog).

More packing, and unpacking for us for the next week or so.



I would like to thank Gus, JeffC, Kim, Kurt, Lorie, Paul, Russ, Sarah and Shane for helping us with the move. If I left anyone out, please accept my apologies, write me so I can add you to this list.

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