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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Secret code in Bible tells the future!

In packing, I found a copy of the Weekly World News with a headline (in what seems to be a 100pt font) screaming: SECRET CODE IN HOLY BIBLE TELLS THE FUTURE!

Lucky for us, this is from July 1st, 1997! The article says that a secret code has predicted the stock market crash of 1929, the Vietnam War, the AIDS epidemic and the first moon landing and then goes on with predictions for the future.

Shall we see how accurate they were?

Early 1998—A world leader will go insane and release a dealy nerve gas on his own people—killing more than 30 million people and nearly wiping out the entire country.

Late 1998—A sudden and complete breakdown of the ozone layer will allow too much sunlight to pass through our atmosphere and cause millions worldwide to go blind.

1999—A comet will pass so close to Earth that temperatures will hit 140 degrees in some countries. Millions will die. The even will cause panic among millions more who will think the world is about to end.

1999—Somewhere in America or Europe, a strange storm will bring a torrent of healing rain. Any ill or injured person who is touched by the drops will be cured. Even cancer patients will get well. After three days and nights, the rain will stop as suddenly as it started.

2007—All the countries of the world…

Um … eight year skip there. And nothing at all about events in the past year or so, which are some pretty significant events. Oh wait a second, that's right, these were predictions of another time line and not of this one.

Okay, I feel better now.

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