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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Dances With the Last of the Texas Chainsaw Alien X-Men in the Iron Mask le Miserables

Spring, George (my friend from Boston visiting friends down here for a few weeks) and I went to see Brotherhood of the Wolf (aka “Le Pacte de loups”). While not a great film, or even a good film, it was okay, if somewhat confused as to what it wanted to be. Political thriller? Supernatural horror? Pyschological horror? Hong Kong action? Historical drama?

Most likely all of the above.

What we have is 1765 France where some supernatural creature (which most people in the movie think is a wolf) is going around eating women and children. The King sends a naturalist (and his friend, a Mohawk named Mani) to investigate. After an unsuccessful hunt, the King sends in a veteran who kills an unusually large wolf and forces the naturalist to fake the body to make it look more imposing than it is—thus making it seem like the creature has been caught when it hasn't.

It also seems that from that point onward, the seeds to revolution are growing and our heroes get plopped right into the middle of yet even more attacks by the creature.

See it for the babes. Don't see it for the CGI.

All bananas, all the time

So I get this email:

Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 19:52:19 -0800
To: <>
Subject: Link Exchange Request

I just added a link to on my site.

You can find it here:

I would be very grateful if you added a link to

I prefer a simple text link, but I also have several banners and sample text links at:

Let me know if you would like any changes in your listing (category, description, etc) even if you decide not to link back.



She found the pages where I talked about banana spiders on a trip I took through Northern Florida while ghost hunting a year and a half ago. I suppose I should write her back with a link to here so she can effectively catagorize all my banana entries.

Hectoring Googlewhacks

Spring sent me a link describing googlewhacking, where you take two words, type them into Google and see if you can get a single result.

Oh, and the two words have to be real words.

My first attempt was a winner. Now, if I state what my first attempt was, it will still show a single result until this page is indexed, then it will no longer be googlewhackable material. But just so you know that when I did this, it was a googlewhack:

hectoring kumquat

Other ones I came up with that were winners: hectoring scalawag and hectoring tangerines. My attempt at apocalyptic waldo not only turned up 725 results, but a page even mentions an Apocalyptic Waldo!

The stuff you find on the web these days.

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