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Thursday, January 24, 2002

No good deed goes unpunished.

Rob and I found ourselves having to run a few errands after getting home from our morning running around. On the way out to the car Rob spotted a set of keys lying in one of the reserved parking spots. I think I know who they might belong to, but don't know for sure, nor do I remember which unit they live in. So we decided to let them be.

Upon returning back, we see a car parked in the spot and I wondered out loud of the owners of the car found the keys. Rob said they more likely parked on the keys, and yes, he was right. The keys were still lying on the ground, almost crushed by the front left tire.

I picked up the keys, intending to put them under the whiper blade but Rob said that was an inventation to having the car stolen. I didn't want that, nor did I want to leave the keys on the ground. The car key on the chain matched the model car in the space, and I figured a good test to see if this was the correct owner was to use the key to open the car and leave the keys on the seat and lock the car back up, since the owner obviously had a second set of keys.

I took a quick glance around, inserted the key into the door. Unlock and open the do—


—or alarm is going off toss keys on seat slam door shut walk away like someone trying to walk away nonchalantly but failing miserably as Rob is attempting to remain upright laughing so hard and Spring coming out asking us what we did.

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