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Sunday, November 11, 2001

Return to Post Apocalyptic Boca Raton

We finally returned to Post Apocalyptic Boca Raton or, as Spring calls it, Poca Boca. The day was beautiful, and we had the time. So like Douglas MacAuthor, we returned. Only it wasn't to the Philipines and it wasn't during a World War but I digress.

Poca Boca isn't all that big an area, being nestled just south of Spanish River Blvd and just east of FAU. We drove and parked the car along the abandoned road and strolled through the area for several hours.

The vegetation has gone wild and in one section (around 39th St. and an abandonded section of 5th Ave) the growth has almost overgrown the entire street. Along 39th are the foundations for the model homes that were built in the late 60s and we were amused to find a couch still there in what may have been the living room.

As we were walking around Spring and I talked about various locations that a person could potentially squat and remain unseen from homes and streets along the edge of Poca Boca.

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