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Monday, September 10, 2001


My friend Greg has no need for his Palm Pilot (color even!) so I've borrowed it on the premise that I can maybe develop some applications for it. I have a Newton, but while I've yet to learn NewetonScript, Palm Pilot applications can be done in C and Assembly (Motorola 68000 series, which I know).

I took the unit with me to dinner to see if I could write a journal entry, and well …

Lctt sec hou thit nos for a journa-sn®z.

Spring did no better with her attempt:

Asolen waffle toppe with breyers ice cream and your choics ot topping

TRANSLATION: A golden waffle topped with Breyer's ice cream and your choice of topping.

Here's my next attempt:

Okay, take 2, only much slower this time. And boy is this slow. The Newton has much better writing recognition than this.

I should note that the Newton (running 2.0 of the Newton OS) I could write like I would on a piece of paper and it would keep up with me, even though it's a 20MHz CPU with 6M of RAM. I'm not sure how fast the Palm Pilot is, but it has 8M of RAM, and even using a simplified writing alphabet (Grafiti) it still had problems keeping up with me.

We shall see.

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