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Friday, July 27, 2001

Spodie's method of communication

I'm beginning to pick up on Spodie's preferred means of communication when he's peeved. He doesn't urinate on the carpet or clothes or anything. He'll meow. And if that doesn't work he'll start using his claws a bit more.

Like this morning. I'm sitting at the computer, replying to some email Spring sent me from Oshkosh when Spodie had to get to the top of Spring's monitor that instant, as quickly as possible.

And I was the spring board.

And he used his claws for traction, which not only punctured my pants, but punctured me in the process. It was just his little way of saying “Hey! Give me some food and clean the litter box while you're at it!”

What a pleasent experience it is to clean a cat's litter box.

“Now what?”

I'm not entirely sure what Spodie was peeved about this morning but for some reason he knocked his water bowl off the counter and onto the kitchen floor.


Could have been worse. He could have kicked the contents of his litter box out onto the kitchen floor.

My Hero—My Brother

For lunch my roommate Rob and I went to Tony Roma's. It's one of the few places we haven't tried around here and we figured “Hey! Why not?”

Along the wall near the booth was a collection of essays by local elementary school kids about their heros, and one particular one caught my attention:

My Hero

by Sean Conner

I hadn't realized I was in the first grade, nor that I had a brother.

Never laugh at stupid ideas

I needed to pick up some pet supplies for Spring's pets and the pet supermarket was across the street from Tony Roma's.

While there I saw what had to be one of the most inane items ever for a pet: dog gravy! Dog gravy! DOG GRAVY! Gravy you put on your pet dog's food! As I was telling Rob, “If they weren't making money off this stuff, they wouldn't make it.” Good Lord the profits these people are making off this stuff!

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