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Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Outtage, Part II

I talked to Velotel today about my IDSL connectivity problems. I also finished and ran the program to process the data I've been collecting. And the stats aren't … well … they aren't all that good:

Threshold:                      5s
Outtages:                     862
Total time:                    13d 12h 24m  9s
Percentage down:              1.037292%

Total outtage:                  3h 21m 54s
Minimum outtage:                6s
Maximum outtage:               20s
Average outtage:               14s
Std. Deviation:               3.354110
Total time between outtage:    13d  9h  2m 15s
Minimum time between outtage:  25s
Maximum time between outtage:  25m 26s
Average time between outtage:  22m 22s
Std. Deviation:               119.640103

(Threshold is the outtage time below which I ignore for the generation of this report, as to remove the possibility of network congestion if I'm download large files)

So I mailed those results off, as well as the raw data file. Now I sit back and wait results.

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