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Thursday, November 09, 2000

Jewish coalition elects Pat Buchanan

But Palm Beach County Commissioner Bert Aaronson, who represents the West Boca and West Delray areas, disagreed. "I don't think we have 3,000 Nazis in Palm Beach County," he said.

So me Florida ballots illegal


W Dance

And in the tradition of Hampster Dance comes Dubya Dance. It's even funnier with “Flashdance” (which is on the radio as I write up this entry).

Voting methods

“Exports, scholars, deep thinkers could make errors on electoral reform,” Natapoff decided, “but nine-year-olds could explain to a Martian why the Yankees lost in 1960, and why it was right. And both have teh same underlying abstract principle.”

Math Against Tyranny

Why the electoral college is A Good Thing.

For example, if all Democrats rank Gore first and Bush last, and all Republicans rank Bush first and Gore last, voters might wake up the next morning with a surprise winner—Ralph Nader, say, or Pat Buchanan—thanks to all the second-place votes. The system would clearly take some getting used to. (The problem of insincere voting was pointed out to Borda himself. His response was characteristic of a more optimistic age: “My system is only for honest men.”)

May the Best Man Lose

Alternative methods of voting than simple majority or plurality.

“ … or blown out candles or colored marbles depending on the county.”

As of this writing, the new President of these United States isn't known. The initial results of Florida's general election gave Bush the state by only 2000 votes. Because this slim lead easily falls within the margin of error, the home state of Mikey Mouse and German tourist murderers is recounting the ballets – or blown out candles or colored marbles depending on the county. Whoever is declared the winner there will surely go on to claim "a clear mandate from the people". Considering the source, that mandate will likely include Geritol and cheap stool softners for all.

Funny commentary on election from a Slashdotter

“… I don't know where the hell we went now …”

Light flashing on the answering machine. I punch the button.

Incoherent mumblings. Then an old woman: “ … I guess the number you know … ”

Another, older sounding woman, sounding a bit distant: “he's—he's out which … I don't know where the hell we went now … ”

End of message.

I'm not sure if I want to *69 them or not …

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