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Monday, August 28, 2000

“We're the phone company. We don't have to care.”

In my quest to find another provider in case I loose my current one, I finally found out who my cable company is: AT&T Cable Services.

I checked their webpage and even if I agreed with their Terms of Service, service isn't even available where I'm living.

Hah! is looking better and better all the time …

Miscellaneous events at a mansion

I finally heard from John, the paper millionaire of a dotcom. I haven't seen or talked to him since his birthday (in fact, no one really heard from him since—he seemed to have just fallen off the face of the planet). I had sent him an email asking if he could host DNS for and earlier in the day finally got email from him.

He had no problem hosting DNS for me (well, me and Mark). So this evening I headed over to his house.

The re-landscaping of the backyard is done. And his 8,000 gallon salt water aquarium is nearly finished and the sound system throughout the house is nearly done—the last of the installation is scheduled for tomarrow.

Mark and I worked on setting up DNS and the plan is for me to change the nameserver records for to point to his server for primary, and for secondary (which is my roommate's colocated server).

He also handed me and Mark a Belkin Omni View Pro 8-Port switch. It allows you to connect a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to eight PCs. To use it, I'll need to rearrange the entire Computer Room but it will shut up Mark. He's been on my case for using the Windows box to browse the web using Internet Explorer. But the monitor on my Linux box is junk and IE on the Windows box is faster and I like the way it handles bookmarks over Netscape. Besides, the monitor on the Windows box is better (and I can't move it to the Linux box because of a project I'm working on under Windows would be painful on a smaller monitor).

But now I'll have no excuses.

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