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Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Connectivity Blues III

It's depressing. The more Mark and I look into DSL and/or ISDB providers, the worse it looks. I started looking for companies that service the 954 and 561 area codes, but most of them seem to be large companies with entrenched bureaucracies that charge exhorbatent fees for anything out of the ordinary, or virtual ISPs which don't exactly exist anywhere but are run by a guy out of a closet in Saranac, Michigan.

I did find one company that seemed promising, Flips.Net, out of West Palm Beach, Florida. I called, but had to leave a voice mail message. I even filled out the web form for DSL and have yet to hear back from them.

“I'm suing myself because I sued myself.”

MP3Board is currently getting sued by the RIAA for copyright infringement by distributing MP3s. MP3Board has turned around and sued AOL because their subsidiary, Nullsoft created Gnutella. MP3Board wants AOL to share some of the liability for music piracy if MP3Board is found guilty. MP3Board's reasoning is that piracy wouldn't be happening as much if AOL's subsidiary hadn't created Gnutella.

Clarification on Slashdot story about the ongoing shenanegans about MP3.

Need I say more?

Exchange Blows

Spring reported a problem with the CGI scripts I wrote for her oneline journal. It seemed that the email interface somehow failed and bounced her entry back to her.

Upon investigation (and clarification) it seems that email sent from her job bounces back, but not from her Yahoo account. Her job uses Microsoft Exchange and for the life of me, I can't replicate the exact error.

I did update the code I wrote to strip out signatures from email (like the type that Yahoo always add to the bottom of messages) so they don't show up in the journal. Easy enough to add.

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